Judy White is a classically trained artist, having studied in Florence, Italy for three and a half years, following the program taught at the French academies in the late 1800’s.  Over two years were spent at the Angel Academy of Art learning the foundations of drawing, and grisaille oil painting.  This was followed subsequently by private study with Master painter Maureen Hyde, an instructor at the Florence Academy of Art.  The lessons with Maureen focused on still life painting in oil.  Topics studied included such areas as drawing, modelling of form, colour mixing, quality of edges, composition, perspective, the fall of light, positive and negative shapes, values, temperatures, the subtleties of half-tones, and techniques to represent all of this in a realist drawing or painting.

A graduate of The University of Western Ontario, Judy worked for some years in IT, doing Systems Analysis and Project Management before moving to Europe, where she has followed her passion for classical realism.  She currently lives near Munich with her husband, and as a Canadian expat she feels fortunate to find inspiration travelling and by studying the works of old masters.  Judy is thrilled to be part of the growing number of people all over the world who are finding a renewed interest in classical representational art.   Her work can be found in private collections in North America, Europe, Monaco, and Turkey.

The International Guild of Realism

The Bermuda Society of Art 


Haynes Galleries 'Ordinary Objects: Extraordinary Still Lifes' group exhibition, Nashville, U.S.A., 2013
Haynes Galleries 'Small Things' group exhibition, Nashville U.S.A., 2012 - 2013
Art Monaco Salon d'Art Contemporain, Monte Carlo Monaco, 2011

City Wide Art group exhibition, Florence Italy, 2009

City Wide Art group exhibition, Florence Italy, 2008

City Wide Art group exhibition, Florence Italy, 2007

Angel Academy of Art exhibition, Florence Italy, 2006

Bermuda Society of Art group exhibition, Hamilton, Bermuda, 1992